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Construction projects
Work force for you

Stone Group has placed thousands of construction workers through its subsidiaries in Canada and several countries in Europe.

Recruiting Team

The Stone Group Team takes great pride in providing a positive and caring approach to its employees, and the highest level of customer service to its clients.

Industrial Production
High Qualified Workers

Light and heavy industry workers, tool and die makers, carpenters, upholsterers, textile workers, welders and engravers.

They like us

W hotel Amsterdam

Spuistraat 91, Amsterdam

Chrlottenburg Berlin Accommodation

Sophie Charlotten Strasse 15 , Berlin, Germany

Shopping Center

Augsburg, Germany

Sun Plaza

Das größte Einkaufzentrum im Süden von Bukarest. 208,000 qm

The Oaks-Bouygues
320 Luxus Wohnungen , 24.000 qm.
80 Baurbeiter, Grüstbauer und Betonfertiger

Oxford Gardens-Ozer
Luxuswohnungen und Privathäuser
60 Betonfertiger

Planorama- Danya Cebus
4 Mehrfamilienhäuser 1100 Einheiten
25 Betonfertiger

Cotrocen Mall- Danya Cebus
Einkaufzentrum 300.000 qm 200 Gerüstbauer

Quality Emplyees
Agriculture Workers

Stone Group has placed thousands of agricultural workers through its subsidiaries, Interforce in the Canadian Province of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Interforce Construction GmbH

SGC provides you with fast recruitment solutions with uncompromising quality and professionalism.

SGC guarantees to assist with reducing the cost of your manpower

but also the innovation and energy of a new company.

SGC has a vast and verified supply of workers and can provide workers immediately.